Our paintball areal Záhorska Bystrica provides a professional outdoor paintball field. The inflatable professional paintball obstacles assure a quick and varying game, which easily leaves you breathless. In our areal free parking is provided, you will find changing rooms for men and women and also a bathroom.

age 15-99 years

Min. 6 - max. 30 Players

Free parking

changing rooms Men/Women

Free wi-fi


Choose the right tactic

On a professional playing field, the right tactic is the key to success. Surprise your opponent with a quick attack, or fortify yourself on a strategic position. The key to success lays in your hands!


A fast game with a lot of adrenaline

Professional playing fields allow fast movement and don't provide many hiding places. Therefore the whole game is fast and filled with action and adrenaline.


Recovery after the game

After a sporty performance, all the players can rest in our outdoor chill out zone. Our premises are good for teambuildings or parties.